N.D.Y.D.K. Desserts to die for!

If you’re willing to whisk it to get the biscuit, we’ll fix it!
Just because you’re favourite dessert parlour is closed on Sunday, or you would like to unleash your inner gourmet, without the hard yards, doesn’t mean you have to miss out
on a scrumptious dessert!
Fresh is best and the pav’s textural experience is critical so that’s why you need a crispy base and we have the solution…

Love cannoli, prefer just-made lemon curd tart? We’ll do the prep; you add the final magic touch.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1. Get a Nonna
  • Step 2. If you don’t have one, see step 3
  • Step 3. We’ve got the Nonna, the know-how and some fancy pants ingredients!

Grab a ‘Nonna’s Do It Yourself Kit’ (N.D.I.Y.K). Call us now at 0491 113 439.