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Dinner is sorted! Pasta

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  • ‘Instil competence and confidence in your cooking’

  • Lasagne Night will be available again as of Monday, February 3 Hey hey good lookin’! Can’t be bothered cookin’? Your kitchen ’s hot but ours is on fire! So step into lil’ Italy for our knockout lazy lasagne night winner winner! Our droole worthy

  • Family celebration, friends getting together, or a corporate function looming??? Get flavours, nourishment and culinary excitement @Pasteio Our al fresco romantic herb garden seats up to 24 guests or you can celebrate in the privacy of your own home. Kick your feet

  • Homemade and hassle-free? Possible now! Our popular three course lunch/dinner solution, so tasty and nourishing. No shopping, no kitchen mess, no worries! From our kitchen to yours! From 49.00 pp only, minimum four peeps

  • N.D.Y.D.K. Desserts to die for! If you’re willing to whisk it to get the biscuit, we’ll fix it! Just because you’re favourite dessert parlour is closed on Sunday, or you would like to unleash your inner gourmet, without the hard yards, doesn’t

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home-made Italian for the soul


Gourmet taste and time poor? Prefer to relax at home?
We’re giving new meaning to convenient, yet tasty and nourishing food at affordable prices.

...and you are sorted for dinner!

because we like to make your life just a bit easier, a lot tastier and certainly very nourishing.
We know, too few are spoiled by nonna. Get your lil’ nonna now, it’s never been easier to surrender to delicious pasta dishes.
Authentic Pasta dishes, con amore. Hassle-free in the comfort of your own home.


Our menu this week

  • Tre Formaggi Tagliolini
    Fine-cut pasta strands, smoked scarmorza, ricotta and Pecorino Romano
  • Beef Ragu Pappardelle
    Flat maccheroni with tender Angus beef
  • Ricotta Gnocchi
    Our gluten-reduced gnocchi with mushrooms, lemon and rocket
  • Duck Maltagliati
    Irregular hand-cutted squares with confit duck ragout
  • Vegetarian Pizzoccheri
    Buckwheat pasta with autumn vegetables and fontina cheese
  • Pansoti with chards and walnuts
    Genovese filled triangles with creamy sauce

super pasta party?

Family, friends coming over for festivities, just to have a great time? No worries, WE TAKE THE HEAT OUT OF YOUR Kitchen. Pasteio offers a flavoursome Italian feast, be it antipasti, spuntino, mezzanotte, dolce and of course, pasta. Menus custom designed for your discerning taste. You book, we cook, from as low as $25.50 per person. A presto!

Pasta fresca

In Australia we are yet to discover the level of sophistication pasta deserves. In Italy pasta is an infinite subject, like wine or cheese.
With some sixty pasta recipes at our hand that are specifically dedicated to varying shapes of pasta, we like to introduce you to a delectable, more diverse world of pasta.
Our styles of pasta originate from both, the South and North of Italy using grano duro and grano tenero flours respectively.
From places where agriculture and food are truly embedded in people’s sense of identity and belonging.
Flour aren’t flour so we’ve sourced Quadratto, San Carlo ,Varano and Senatore Capellli flours amongst different types of Tipo 00, always in pursuit of flavour and a pasta’s cooking ability and the added benefit of high protein and low starch content.
Our pastaii handcraft pasta daily, using skills that take time and dedication to develop.
From Agnolotti to Zitone, we like to spoil you by choice, make your life just a bit easier, a lot tastier and certainly nourishing.


Prices per 150-gram main course-sized serves

  • Pizzoccheri
    Nourishing organic buckwheat pasta with 10% rye flour
  • Maltagliati
    Irregular hand-cut squares with using 100% Durum hard wheat semolina
  • Gnocchi alla Ricotta
    Our gluten-reduced tender gnocchi, using 70% La Stella Latticini ricotta
  • Pappardelle
    Luscious extra wide amber-glow pasta ribbons
  • Tagliolini
    Fine-cut organic egg pasta strands
  • Pansoti
    Genovese filled pasta triangles

pasta sauces

Each pasta shape comes with its own wicked sauce – not only one of the best-kept secrets of Italian cuisine but also subject of family feuds over ingredient lists of pasta sauces. Our daily fresh sauces change regularly every week, whilst we always have some ragû and other classics on the fire. With a keen eye on produce quality and with deep respect for the heritage of la cucina italiana we produce dishes of originality and with gusto. Always guided by our credo of wanting to perfect simplicity. Delicious meals that make you, by following an Italian tradition, clean your plate with a proper scarpetta.

Our Dolcetti

Help us to unwrap our Amaretti – we’ll help you to unleash
your tastebuds! Surely it’s time for Italian pastries, sweets and desserts to take the limelight.
At Pasteio, we’re obsessed with nonna’s time-honed recipes and excellent ingredients. Applying good whisk management we craft our unbeatable dolcetti daily fresh and to order.
Our menu changes every so often as there are so many amazing Italian sweets. If you do have a favorito, well, you know what to do.
We feature a weekly changing selection of artisan biscuits, tarts and cakes. They are crafted from quality, partially organic and regional ingredients. Freschi and deliziosi, really. Prices range from $2.50 to $4.50 for biscotti and $4.50 to $7.50 on torte. Whole cakes are available from $29.90 onwards depending on type and size.
Contact us for your special cake!


  • Castagnaccio
    Chestnut cake
  • Torta della nonna
    Crème and pine nut torta
  • Millefoglie con frutti di bosco
    Flaky puff, fruit and crème cake
  • Tortino al profumo di limone
  • Berry Tiramisu
  • Montagna di meringa
  • Torta Caprese
  • Torta della Montagna
    Bhuckwheat and raspberry cake


  • Crostata al limone
    Lemon tart
  • Crostata all’arancia
    Orange tart
  • Crostata al formaggio
    Cream cheese tart
  • Crostata di crema e spicchi di limone
    Lemon and frangipane tart
  • Crostata al cioccolato
    Chocolate tart
  • Torta all ricotta con frutta secca
  • Pinza
    Polenta cake with dried fruit


  • Brutti ma buoni
    Ugly-but-good almond and cinnamon cookies
  • Nzuddi
    Sicilian almond cookies
  • Conchiglie
    Almond seashells
  • Pastini
    Almond and honey cookies
  • Amaretti
    Amaretti biscotti
  • Ricciarelli
    Pasta di mandorle
  • Mandorlato all’ Amarena
  • Fiocchi di Neve
  • Bocconcini al Pistachio
  • Noccioline
    Hazelnut cookies
  • Moretti al profumo d’arancia
    Chocolate and orange cookies
  • Cavallucci
    Tuscan Christmas walnut cookies
  • Bizaletti
    Venetian polenta biscuits
  • Gialletti
    Corn and lemon cookies
  • Baci di dama
    Gianduja lady kisses
  • Tegole ai pistacchi
    Pistachio wafers
  • Cantucci di Prato

“la vita è una combinazione
di magia e pasta” (Fellini)


Start your day the Italian way with a macchiatone and pasta di mandorle. Get tasty with
la buona cucina della nonna. Have a pizzelle della nonna or grilled cotechino. Get fresh
with our La Stella Laticini ricotta and tomato crostini.
If you missed that, come and see us for lunch.
Our pranzo menu on the go is simply a nourishing flavour hit, complemented by a selection of salads, because it’s qualità and sapore!
Oh yes, and then there is pasta, lots of pasta for you to take home any time and if you like
the convenience of no worries we have our delicious mezzanotte for winey get-togethers
with friends.

“I have the simplest tastes,
I am always satisfied with the best”
(Oscar Wilde)

Delicious ingredients

’GOOD TREE MAKES GOOD FRUIT’ (Italian Proverb) Discernment in selecting quality ingredients and well-executed techniques are the foundation of any real, good food.
We work directly with mills from Italy and Australia to have fresh, unprocessed flour without any preservatives. This allows us to have the highest quality semola di grano duro (Durum hard wheat semolina), the key ingredient of our golden pasta.
We truly appreciate our very dedicated hard working farmers, producers and suppliers supporting our success and your next meal.
Senatore Capelli Molinara, Puglia IT
Bellata Gold Milling, Tamworth
Ben Furney Flour Mills, Dubbo
Molino Caputo, Naples IT
Caseificio La Stella Latticini, Bringelly NSW
Emporium Aquila, Coolum Beach
Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alto Olives, Lagan NSW
Parafield Olives, Wagga Wagga
Pasteio Beef
Kealford Organics, Nobby
Cape Grim, Tasmania
Salumi and Charcuterie
Pino’s Dolce Vita, Kogarah NSW
Pialligo Estate Canberra
Broken Nose Vanilla, Miriwinni North Q
Olsson’s SA Macrobiotic Sea Salt


You can enjoy good quality carbohydrates as part of your diet and it want compromise your weight loss. Pasta of quality flour has a low glycaemic index. Our sauces consist of best and freshest ingredients, typical to Mediterranean diets with the majority of sauces being vegetable based.
Whilst we use nonna’s treasured dolcetti recipes, we consciously reduce sugar and fat to what we deem the lowest possible levels, being careful not to disturb a recipes originality. As a bonus effect this helps to elevate the intensity of all other flavour giving ingredients.


While we do our utmost to cater to dietary requirements, we cannot guarantee that all our foods are allergen free.


Packaging plays a critical role in maintaining the quality,
safety and integrity of our products but we also care about the
Our packaging is made of eco-compatible plant matter and is both, safe for food and compostable.


Dinner is sorted! Pasta

About Pasteio

We are a boutique artisan laboratory located in Rosailie, Paddington.
Our specialties are fresh pasta, sauces, antipasti and sweets.
We proudly handcraft all our produces using the best products on the market, we follow our grandma's recipes and we offer you authentic pasta & dolcetti.
Pasteio Team


Catherine Stratton and Jan Gundlach, two young chef’s who set out to share their passion of cucina deliziosa with anyone that dares to get tasty.
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Dinner is sorted! Pasta


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